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Bit-O-Honey is an American candy product; it first appeared in 1924 and was made by the Schutter-Johnson Company of Chicago, Illinois.[1] Bit-O-Honey was a new kind of candy bar consisting of six pieces wrapped in waxed paper and then packaged in a cover wrapper. The candy consists of almond bits embedded in a honey-flavored taffy, which makes for a long-chewing candy. Both a large bar and a small, bite-sized version are available for sale, the latter in bags of multiple units.[2]

In 1969, Schutter-Johnson was merged into the Ward Candy Company of New York City, makers of other candies, including Chunky, Oh Henry!, and Raisinets.

Source: Wikipedia

Bag of Bit-O-Honey may be substituted for theater box (same weight). Please let us know if substitution is not ok.

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